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I was checking out a 200amp alternator for my 1999 Suburban. I see prices

from $230 up to $750? What would be the difference? ie Ohio Generator &

H-O-Alternator are in the $750 range; mralternator.com is $250. They're all

new, not refurbished, so why such a price difference?

I have a JL1000/1 and a JL300/4, which do ok at normal volumes - my stock

alt is 140amp, but when I crank it, especially relentless bass lines, the

headlights flicker a bit and you can see the volt gauge on the dash go down.

Another question - when I'm driving, even cranked it's ok...it's just when I'm at

idle the voltage take a hit; will a HO alternator help that? Or will it

not make a difference at idle speeds anyway.


I would say contact the alt companies and ask if they have specs for idle current. There's really no way to know for sure what's going to happen unless you either install it and see - or they are certain their alts will make more current at idle than your stock alt does.

FWIW - to me, headlight flickering doesn't warrant a $300 or $400 investment in an HO alternator - unless it's DRASTIC, OR you have a lot of money.

Voltage WILL fluctuate on peaks in current draw - that's just how high power amps work, but if your battery is staying charged your alt is doing its job.

Thanks for the reply. Good, then I'll leave things as they are - the flickering doesn't bother me. I was just concerned that the battery would die and I'd end up stranded. The alt does seem to be doing its job then keeping the battery charges because all is well so far. No I don't want to spend any money if I don't have to.

I'll re-evaluate this summer when I have the A/C running.

When you say unless the dimmage is Drastic what do you mean. Is the problem that you won't be able to see at night, or is there other complications. I have very sever dimage but my battery has not gone dead in the 6 months I have been using my setup.

at idle my alt can't handle my amps, lights, or fan ( all at the same time) but driving i am fine. its just cuz ur alt only puts out 50-60 amps at idle. ur fine don't worry about it 140 amp alt can handle alot.

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