Help with selection of a 5ch amp please

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new here so thanks for your patience up front
I haven't had to buy car audio equipment for about 7 or 8 years, so I'm assuming things have changed during that time. The last amp I purchased was an MB Quart that is no longer in production.
I am restoring a 1988 BMW 535is and will be building out the audio system. Speakers front and rear plus either an 8" or 10" sub.
My budget limit is about $500 which I hope can get me enough amps and clean sound to power the system.

What do you recommend and why?

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First off, nice car.
My dad had an 86 M6 when I was a kid
Loved that car

I would not go with a 5 channel amp if it was me
Subs need to be driven off their own amp and even if your only running a few hundred watts into it you should still have a separate amp
The good news is the price of amps have come down a lot
You can get 2 decent amps for $500, or were you looking to do the whole system for $500?
If I knew what kind of power you wanted to run then I could make a better suggestion

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I really don’t know how much power I need
I’m going to use stock BMW 4” speakers and separate tweeters, front and back, plus the sub. I’m going to need help with crossovers too.
I did a system like this in a 1989 325i I owned and the sound was awesome. I need to be able to tune the amps

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You can take a look at some Budget packages out there. SoundQubed has a few to choose from, and have been solid amps for the money. And Down4Sound has a small amp package that has been getting great reviews and responses. Ive been running CT Sounds CT 2000.1 Mono amp for a bit and waiting on the 150.4 to show up. So far been quite happy with that brand thus far for the money Step up to the 1250 if you need more power
A nice amp packaged deal here that have great Dyno testing and customer results. Hard to beat a fairly decent deal like this one here. I dont care for the owner much myself, but the amp package is a great deal
Im enjoying the CT Sounds with what seems to be an excellent comeback from a hard loss of a well known individual to the Audio Community, and different Name of a well known company.. Dyno reviews are also out there to view for performance on the lower teir. You can Strap the mono amps if needed
Just a couple recommendations for you of what is out there for amplifiers that are in my opinion worth the money for a small install as you are doing.

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Not gonna get much more power on the sub channel without spending alot more.

The dd d5.1500 can do active crossovers and is slightly more powerful at 125x4 and 1500x1 but its also just shy of $1k and it also looks to be discontinued.

Cosmos audio has the ep2000.5 which is spec wise identical at $800

As far as i know those two are the strongest 5 channels available.

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That Down4Sound JP95 is probably your best choice for your budget and requirements. The 120 watts x 4 @ 4ohms rating is a conservative rating. That is good, but because of it's power it gets a little hot. The amp has a 160 amp rating. I think that is a little high, so maybe check into a high output alternator.

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