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I have a '98 Trans Am with the premium Monsoon audio system and stock head unit. I am looking to buy a new head unit and some 12's. How hard would it be for me to wire my stock system up to the aftermarket head unit, or would it be possible to wire the subs to the stock head unit? Also what kind of amp would I need to run the Monsoon system well? Any help, or links to somewhere with instructions would be really great.

Ok you have a few options. If you keep the stock HU you will need to buy a line converter (it takes the speaker wire, and turn it into an RCA output) for you amps. You will have to splice into your stock speaker wire for this way it is not hard at all.

If you buy an aftermarket HU you can buy a adapter that snaps into the factory plug for speaker, power and ground.

Here is a web site that shows what one person did

There are about 3 different monsoon systems for that year. Some came with 8 or 10 speakers, and some had an amplifier installed. I think your stock mids and highs are a really good product. They are not the best, but they are real good. If you have an amp installed in the system already (stock) I would look into buying a HU an additional amp and a few subs would compliment your system.

For HU I love Eclipse. CLarion makes pretty good ones too. I would not go cheap with a HU, or you will be back to change it out in a year or so. Concept, viper, audiobuan, orion, eclipse are a few amps I reall love. As for subs you will need to know what type of box you are going to build. Do you want SQ (sound quality) or SPL (sound pressure level/loud bass)? If you want SQ go with a nice sealed box and either 2 10's or 12's. If you want SPL get a ported box. If you do not want to spend the time building your own box there are a lot of companies that make pre-fab box for your car. As for subs Eclipse, Magnum, JL Audio are a few good subs.

Here is a web site that can tell you just about everything you will ever want to know about stereos

Hope this helps

Thanks that helps a lot. I was hoping that I could use my stock HU...but I heard that htere is a lot of noise on the line when you do that, is that true? Will I be sacrificing a good deal of quality by doing that?

It all depends on the products you get. Yes you could induce noise. You would be converting an amplified source and trying to change it into an RCA output. Granted it is not a high power, but anytime you change a type of signal and induce any parts into a system you run the chance of having more noise.

I have done some of these and I have had some noise from time to time, but I got rid of it by changing grounds RCA cables, and line converters. It is your choice. If you like the Stock HU look then keep it. But with all the adaptors out there you will not have to do any cutting on your car to get a new HU, and if you want to resell it down the road with the MANSOON system you just slap your stock HU back in.

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