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I’m in the process of deciding upon amps for my system. Below is a list of the possibilities I’ve found (though if there are another pair of amps that can be gotten for around $400, feel free to mention them). Some of these are ebay prices.

My components will be Focal 165 K2P. Power handling: 100W-200W.

My sub is a small ID ID8 V.3. Power handling: 300W.

My question: how would you rank the pairs (or mixtures of the pairs, since I simply separated them by brand) by your opinion of which are best? Avionixx only lists two models available in their store, and the 400.2 isn’t one of them. Some people have expressed disgust with the PCX line from PPI. And though everyone raves about Zapco, I’m wary of their bottom-line products. The Orions are just big, and I’m not even sure I can fit them where they would need to go.

Components: Avionixx AXA 400.2 (2 x 125W) – $185

Sub: Avionixx AXA 400.2 (1 x 400W) – $185

Components: PPI PCX-2125 (2 x 125W) – $209

Sub: PPI PCX-280 (1 x 320W) – $139

Components: Zapco iForce I-450 (2 x 180W) – $199

Sub: Zapco iForce I-2100 (1 x 350W) – $199

Components: Orion 4002 (2 x 150W) – $229

Sub: Orion 3002 (1 x 300W) – $189

Well.. if you want to save some cash, go to and buy two profile amps. The CA600 will give you 150w RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms for your comps.

You will be able to find a monoblock amp to run your sub as well. The CA600M I believe will give you 420w RMS @ 2 ohms. I'm not sure the ohm rating on that sub, but you should be able to find something from profile for no problem. And, around $100 per amp SHIPPED, you'll be closer to the $200 mark.

I personally have run profile amps, and I like them, that's why I'm recommending them. Cheap, and really nice power. They also happen to look nice, which is important to me as well //


// Go with ZAPCO.
Do you know anything about the iForce line of amps? I can't even find reviews of them on the web...

they are zapco...nuff said!! best pair, IMO, u have listed...

the profile amps, as mentioned above, could be a cheaper replacement...just don't expect them to be real close to their rated output

but i would do the zapco's first...the other three tied for second..

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee //

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