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okay, currently, I have a 4 channel amp coming in the mail, wich will be bridged to two channels producing 80Watts rms X 2 to a pair of infinitys.

I want some bass, but I don't want to to loose trunk space with another sub, plus my dad doesn't really want me to have one either. SO can some one suggest some good modles, I know this is laougable but im looking in the sub $100 range. To me a stock system is almost good enough for a car, so quality is majorly important, but it is. I may step down to a crappy speaker for the front if it means I could get better bass so whats your suggestion?

under $100, no subs, preferably 2 ohms.

Why do you need it to be 2 ohms ?
preferably, because then the amp can push more watts but 4 ohm is okay, Im really looking for some mid ranges, to subsititute for no subs, but if I could get a lower priced speaker pushing low frequencies anywhere from 40-100Watts 4 ohm that would be great.

or u could get a bazooka bass tube, its not that much of bass compared to a sub and enclosure but it does have pretty nice sound....use the 4 channel to what you have, and put a bass tube

I would use something like the JL W0 or an infinity kappa 10" sub in a sealed enclosure. The W0 would be a good match for a low powered 2 channel amp (like the alpine MRP-T220). If you dont want to take up trunk space then who knows.... maybe you could mount the box that the sub is in to the rear deck for a flush mount look kinda (the box would be in the trunk with only the sub showing through the front deck).

They make very reasonably priced 8" subs that you could probably mount in your rear deck (I would guess you might have 6x9's there, but with some minor modding, you should be able to get the 8"s in). Then use your amp to power them. Find a model that works well in a free air environment and just give it a shot.


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