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I just bought a 2004 CRV and some of my new system. I have great respect for the opinions I've read on this board and am looking forward to getting some help so I can finally buy my remaining items. I want a mostly SQ system btw. Here's what I've purchased so far:

HU: Pioneer Premier DEH-P860MP

FS: MB Quart QM 218.61

RS: PCE 216 (I originally bought these for the front, but then i found the Q's for a nice price and said what the ....)

This is where i need some confirmation and help:

Amp #1: Soundstream Van Gogh VGA500.4 I'm planning on running Ch.1&2 (125rmsX2) to the mid-basses in the front. I'll bridge Ch.3&4 (500-580rms 4-ohm mono) to a 12" Magnum D2. I NEED (wife says no box) to mount it to what used to be the picnic table that covers an empty spare tire space with 9' max depth. Can anyone refer me to someone that could help answer a few questions about how to build & install this specific enclosure, where is it safe to drill, and if this speaker will work appropriately??? I like the shorter depth of the Magnum compared to some of the other speakers in its class, but don't know if a 15" might work better for the available air space, which i also need help in figuring out(air space in this particular enclosed area is kinda hard to calculate). I spent some time doing calculations and came up with 3.38cu.ft., not including the speaker and possible port system. I'm sure someone more intelligent in these matters has figured this out. If its you, please let me know asap.

Amp #2: Sounstream Van Gogh 320X4 I got this idea from a nick1326 on He wrote a great article on the VAG500.4, which convinced me to get the 320, well...almost. Ch. 1&2 go to the front tweets (80rmsX2) and Ch. 3&4 go to the PCE's in the back. A few questions: Where is the best place to mount the tweets??? In both old cars the tweets were in the plastic moulding on the bottom right corner of the door. I saw this custom job online for a Crv where the guy had a fiberglass replacements built to mount the tweets in. Is this necessary??? I'm sending it some decent power, so should it be mounted in something more stable than plastic? I'm not sure I want to cut too much into the car, or put them way up where the stock speakers are, but I do want them to sound their best. Options/advice???

I also ordered, but have not yet received, 70 Sq Ft of Rattle Trap eXtreme for the sound dampening. This stuff is pretty thick, 80 mm. My only concern is that it may be too thick for the door panels. I've never installed SD material before, so i'm totally clue-less here.

I'm also thinking of buying a FATMAT MEGA HOOD-LINER. Is this a good investment? It goes for about 75 bucks, which is no big deal, but i want to know if i'll hear a difference???

One more quesion: For this sytem, what gauge wire should I run from the battery, 4ga. or 2ga, before i split them with 4ga.??? I'm worried that 2ga. will be a pain to get in the car, but i want to put in what is necessary.

Any advice or input on this future system would be greatly appreciated!



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