help needed for my 2004 f150 setup

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Hi, this is my first post but i've been readin around here for the last 3 or so days. Anyways, i recently got a black 2004 f150 XLT extended cab *drool* but it has that crappy stock system in it! I'm looking to upgrade everything to decent quality within my range. I was hoping to purchase my stuff off ebay if possible because it is the cheapest that i know of. Anyways, i want sound quality more than anything. I was wondering if any of the guru's here would be willing to help me with a setup, i was looking to be in the 500 price range for everything if that is possible, however i don't want the syustem to ****. I want to keep the head unit cause idon't like all the flashing color ones that don't match at all. I was thinking an Amp, 4 6x8's (that is the size of the ones in the 4 doors), and 2 10" subs to go under the back seats. I want the subs to deliver a punch but most importantly quality more than anything. I would greatly appreciate it if some of you all here could point me in the right direction because i don't wanna get screwd out of my money. Thanks.

amp: id say US acoustics or Profile, both are cheap but put out their rated power and are good quality

speakers: get a decent pair of 6.5" components up front if they arent out of your budget and if you want rear fill a pair of 6.5" coaxials should be fine, most people suggest CDT

subs: many people here can tell you whats the best for sound quality but you are definitely going to want a sealed box

ok, i'm probably gonna embarass myself, but i went looking for parts using the info that you gave me and that were in my range, how does this look?:


6.5" components:

6.5" coax:

bleh...well i went looking for these, didn't evne know what to look for.


EDIT: doing some more research, how about these? Rockford Fosgate Punch RFZ3410 10" 4-Ohms Subwoofer

good amp, legacy is a no-no

for comps and coaxes look into Infinity, CDT, Alpine, theres some others too

good sub brands for SQ are Infinity, Alpine, RE, eD, ID i guess, theres probably more

oh ya and you are gonna need a **thingy to convert speaker outputs to RCA** to connect an amp to your stock HU, forget what they are called... its like a preout converter or something, i dunno

line level adapter is what acidburn is refering to. What this device does is converts signals from the factory headunit's speaker outputs to RCA's which connects to your amps. Let me know if you need any suggestions. //

yes, i would love suggestions lol. what do they normally run anywyas? i hope it isn't too much. i may have to wait a while to afford this, or perhaps i can take a loan from my dad...who knows lol

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