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I know a lot of you guys have been in car audio for a long time, and I wanted to know if you had a favorite headunit way back in the day that is now dirt cheap.

I'd like to get one that is at least 4v on the preout that will go to my amp and sub

I've scanned through some Alpine units (as well as Pioneers) and they seem appealing to me, but the ones I've found are like $150 shipped or only 2v preout, and I figured I should check here before I commit myself to finding a few specific Alpines or Pioneers

I don't want to spend much at all, lookin for one that is less than $100 (shipped) if possible.

Thanks fellas

cmon now.. i know there are older models that people may have loved like 3 years ago maybe, and now they aren't up to standards but they are still good, ebay has a lot of stuff and i'm sure i might be able to come across one.

i found some old pioneer deh-P25's on ebay, those aren't even on Pioneer's website anymore, not even listed as discontinued. those HU's were like 50$ shipped depending on which auction you were to bid on.

I'd almost get one of those, cept the RCA preout is like 2v or 2.2v

If no one here is old school enough to name an old headunit that'll meet my requirements, then how bout namin some good HU's that are cheap right now, and if you can't even do that how bout just recommending some brands for me to check out that might be in my price range.

I'm ok with subs and amps when it comes to brands, but i've never bought a HU before, therefore I haven't done much research on em and I don't know the good ones from the bad ones (brandwise)

Thanks for the replies

$100 is shooting pretty low to get something with true 4V preout. If you up to $200, you can occassionally steal a Pioneer Premier DEX-P1R. It is what I use, and I picked mine up for $225 shipped. It is awesome, 4V, and no internal amplifier

I missed an old Audia 2000E full logic Cassette Deck. I just wanted to have it for old times sake. It was very clean with manual and box....

I missed an old Audia 2000E full logic Cassette Deck. I just wanted to have it for old times sake. It was very clean with manual and box....
lol.. its gotta have a cd player at least! //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/biggrin.gif.d71a5d36fcbab170f2364c9f2e3946cb.gif

you can get a Rfx8240 on ebay from $150-200. I believe it has 8v pre-outs. you should check into it
i looked that up, and i read about it through google and ebay, and apparently its a high qual cd player that is made to produce great SQ, but the ebay auction said that it had a 2v preout, which i guess would be fine.

i'm interested in that unit tho, its got a very sleek stock and simple look, it might look a bit out of the ordinary in my old ack, but it would look great in one of those newer volvo's or whatever that have the aluminum console, it would be perfect.

i gotta do a lil more research on those

if you figure out this is what you want and try and get one off ebay but cant win an auction there is a guy on here who said he would sell them for 200 shipped that I talked to. fyi

i further researched that unit and spoke with GSteg about it and I didn't even think about the fact that I'd need an amp to power my front speakers :-/

I figured I could always splice the RCA cables into speaker level outputs, or I could get a converter that would do it for me without splicing required. Wouldn't the sound quality still be good?

only thing that would be of concern would be volume, how loud would they get, i hardly ever turn up my front speakers, I keep them pretty quiet and just let the bass boom.

oh ya, and also, how much of a difference will I notice in the SPL of my sub? I currently have a headunit from a 1997 Acura TL in my car, the previous owner worked at an acura dealership and put it in. I've been thinking I might get 3 more db out of my sub with a new headunit, and I think that's what Rangerman told me when I visited him.

Is 3db a reasonable estimate?

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