headunit rca outputs?

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hey everyone. im looking to buy a new head unit because the one i have now, only has one set of rca plugs, and they're rear.

i had that set of rcas goin to an amp, and then from the output of the amp, to another.

the problem is, one of the amps is powering my inside speakers. but after a while of listening to the music, it sounded great but a lil weird. i realized that the amp was only getting rear fill music and playing them through all four speakers, and it wasnt getting those "highs" that go to the front speakers.

so my question is, the head units that have two sets of rca outputs, are they one set for front and one set for rear? or are they both for rear fill?

thanks for all feedback

if i was to get a two rca set head unit, and hook all four speakers to the front output.... would that sound messed up? (with the rear speakers playing front)

how do you guys have it set up?

There is no filter on the rear output. It is only affected by the fader; ie, if you fade all the way forward, it will turn down the RCAs because they are on the "rear" channels. There is not a low pass filter on them to reduce the highs, it is the same signal that would be going to the front speakers.

The HU does not do anything to differentiate the signals from the front to the rear. CDs and the radio are only coded in stereo: two channels, left and right. The HU just takes that signal and sends it to its four channels of output and the preouts. That's it. If you are missing the highs, chance are that 1) your speakers are not reproducing them correctly 2) you have some problems with the positioning of your speakers that are masking the highs or 3) you have some phasing issues that are cancelling out the highs. The problem is not with the signal coming from the HU unless it just has a narrow frequency response band. If the problem is with FM or cassette, then the frequency range of the source is the problem. FM radio and Cassettes are only good to 14kHz. You can hear to 20K. Nearly the last octave is missing from the source.

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