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I need to replace a Audiobahn A1500HCX that just actually lit on fire in a BMW install I did (I hated the amp from day one)... but, we are selling the amp to a kid at school (once it is replaced) for $300. Budget is about $500 for a new amp.//

The amp is going on a XXX, and I refuse to get a HiFonics Brutus or JLB 1200.1

I'm trying to evaluate good matches based on immediate availability. I have been searching around for about 36 hours now... and I have come up with what I think will be two pretty good matches.

The Orion 1200D, if thezeb will pricematch it to another website, can be had for $490. I know it is an extremely solid amp, and underrated, but I am concerned still about not being able to compete with the (supposed) 2000W the audiobahn did.//

Another thought was a Mmats 1400.1, but I think I would have a tough time finding one for less than $500.

There is also a Soundstream Picasso 1400D up for grabs for $3xx but I don't think that is quite up to par with the Orion 1200D.

I have not had experience with them, but I was also looking at the Planet Audio P1250D and was looking at some Phoenix Gold stuff, but it seems kind of expensive.

If anyone can think of something else I can get (price matched will work, but a warranty is a must with this customer)

Sorry if this seems like another "find the amp" thread, but I am trying to scout out some above the typical Brutus or JBL, while still keeping price reasonable. I CANNOT have another amp blow up while I am trying to show off a XXX :tomatofac

Thanks guys, and if this thread is useless to you, sorry. If you can think of a different solid amp that does near 1,500+ w in real life, go ahead and suggest it and I will call around and see what kind of prices I can get on it.


The Orion is a solid amp. Installed several. Ran two L7 15s off of one once. Pounded the hell out of them. This sounds like a good choice for your application, provided, you need an amp that does full power at one ohm.

Am I allowed to bump yet? Anyways, not that I don't trust you crhye250r... I'm just hoping for a few more personal experiences with the amps listed above.

Ouick question. Why are you trying to find something other than the "Typical" amps when people have tried most of those and can get you an honest recomendation. I mean, if youre going to end up gettign the same power inthe end does it really matter that much to you?:p

Edit: 666th post. Better watch it, i might go satan on your ass now //

Ok well I just placed an order for the 1200D on

I'm not too worried about not having a warranty from the factory, because these things are supposedly rock solid. I haven't seen any reviews or really much info online, so once I get some experience under my belt with it, I will review it.

Hope it gets that XXX moving nicely, I'm sure it does more than 1200 w //

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