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Basically, I had to design a budget system for my friend's sister who has an insanely low budget and incredibly small space confines(she needs just about her entire trunk). I'm just curious if, for the money, this is a good setup for her(all bought from thezeb):

Ma Audio M283I Amplifier - 89.99

2x100 rms 4ohm (2x200 rms 2ohm). unfortunatley i'll have to run it in 4ohm stereo.

LA - SXCK4/4 4 awg wiring kit 49.99

I'd get all the wiring seperate but I don't wanna deal with it. And I figure I'd pay that amount at another site + shipping (although if you know a good deal, please speak up)

two Fosgate RFZ3408 - each are about 150 rms and are 40 bucks a piece

I figure I could scrounge up some wood for making two 0.3 boxes (or possibly one 0.6 ft3 box depending) without too much hassle.

Total Cost: 220$

Anybody know any better deals I could use for the amp or wiring kit that would keep it about the same in price? (or better 8's) ?

if youre getting the 8's because of space then IMO i think you/she would be happier with a single nicer ten with a little more power than two 8s with lesser power

how about $22 if you live in chicago @ walmart....

don't know about '4 channel'...maybe it's something different. I just know it's a 4ga dual amp wiring kit split into 8ga.

if youre getting the 8's because of space then IMO i think you/she would be happier with a single nicer ten with a little more power than two 8s with lesser power
In order to get more power and the 200x2 rms (instead of the 2x100 rms) out of that amp i'd need one 2ohm DVC 10" sub or two DVC4ohm 8's(the amp is 2ohm stereo stable). Any suggestions on that?

get 2 RE 8s and seal them, they are single 2ohm so they will get the full power from them amp. and they are about 50 or so each or u can talk to CaptBlack00 on aim, he is an authorized re dealer.

good luck

Bridge the amp to 400x1 and run a SVC 4 ohm sub. Like a Phoenix Gold Ti10 (not Ti10d) for under $90 shipped on ebay. Put that in 0.6 cf sealed. Word.
I would bridge it but it's rated at max 400 watts and not rms and I don't really trust MA audio's max ratings. I found something that would let me utilize the 2ohm stereo on the amp though:

2 Cerwin Vega HED-8DVC and wire each to 2 ohms. that would run about 100 on thezeb.

the amp would be 90

and If there are no good amp kits at the local wally world, I'd be able to get one from their site for around 30 dollars shipped

So total cost for that setup (with pretty decent speakers) is $220 yet again.

That seems pretty solid IMO even though the sub's rms would total only 300.

I'll be looking into the RE8's soon though. Thanks for the suggestions.

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