Getting very frustrated, my new proposed

Since I am not very educated in car audio (let the stores take car of it) I am confused on what amplifier I need to buy. I am heading for an sq system and these are my proposed parts:

Pioneer DEH-p860MP headunit

Focal 165k2p Power 6.5" components

Kicker KX550.2 2 channel amp for components(Rms: 205x2@4ohms)

Image Dynamics IDQ 12" D4 V.2 Subwoofer (dual 4 ohm voice coils)

Now for the subwoofer amplifier... because the sub is dual 4 ohm and has a recommended power rating of 350watts and peak power rating of 700watts what kind of kicker amplifier would fit this sub perfectly? Specifically what kx series amp. How would this amp be wired to the dual 4 ohms. (ie how much power at what resistance would go to each coil with the specific amp.)Please don't give me your concerns about that price and that there are better amps out there for the money; it doesn't matter to me right now. I just want to know the basics about wiring and options.

Ok any good amp for that subwoofer will do, but which one? Should I be looking for a mono amp and the rms rating at 4ohm? (ex. 400x1watts @4ohm) I am assuming this would be hooked up in parallel on the dual 4 ohm voice coils(400watts to coil 1 and 2) producing 2 ohms and 800 watts total power for the sub but only 400 for the amp? Is the rms rating of the subwoofer(listed in first post) the power per coil or the total power for both coils combined in a series. God this is confusing. PLEASE HELP ME

Kicker KX400.1 if you want to stay with Kicker....

You're going to want to wire your sub in parallel, for a final load of 2 ohms, so you want an amp that will put out your desired power @ 2 ohms.

no, just at 2 ohms. mono amps are 1 channel so its already bridged u could say. u simply wire the sub in parallel for a 2 ohm load. gota have 1 dvc 4 to do this. or 2 dvc 2 ohm subs.


no, just at 2 ohms. mono amps are 1 channel so its already bridged u could say. u simply wire the sub in parallel for a 2 ohm load. gota have 1 dvc 4 to do this. or 2 dvc 2 ohm subs.
No what I was saying is that for a amplifier like the the JBL PowerValve BP-600.1 has these specs:

Amplifier Type: Mono

RMS Power: 300W x 1 @ 4 ohms

Bridged RMS Power: 600W x 1 @ 2 ohms

See it says bridged RMS power. That is alright for the Image Dynamics idq12d2 v.2 right?

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