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I was getting my haircut a few days ago and I started talking to my barber (never do that), about my system. He told me he has 3 JLs in his Civic and had me thinking he had W7s saying they were the loudest JL makes... but he didn't know there were W7s, W6s, hell, even W3's. So when I asked "****, you have three W7s? That must get ****ing loud as hell)." He proceeds with, "No, I have the loudest, W0s, they don't have W7s."

*****What the ****?******

I didn't want to say anything, because, well.. he's cutting my hair and I didn't want him pissed. So I told him more about my 15'' RE HC and he said that his W0s would cream my HC, and he was serious. So I was like... ok? Lets see, for laughs I guess (lol).

He puts in some G-unit or something and he was, wincing. I just smiled and laughed in my head. So we head to my car and I asked him what kind of music I should blow him away with, he said rap (of course). So I proceed to put in Lil Jon - Track 2... As the song builds up, he's just sitting there looking all badass or something, then the bass hits. His jaw dropped and he turned around, astonished. After a few minutes he was like, "I can't really breathe and my throat hurts."

Thats about it, I was surprised it had such an impact on him because the HC isn't anywhere near loud enough for me.


lol nice man, nothing like showing up someone who thinks they have the **** //

its funny when you show people internet stuff is better than there "mainstream" stuff, keep up the good work
I like JL, I use JL and I'll be the first to tell you that the W0's **** balls. I still can't believe that JL replaced some of the best sounding low power woofers out there (W1's) with those abominations. They get pretty loud with not a lot of power but the SQ is //

People that don't know anything are funny. Usually I just smile and nod.

d*** noob.

That shows you that he bought those speakers for the name not knowing the the W0's are the sh***** sub JL makes. The W0's worry very easy to blow for some odd reason, even for a low end sub.

The W0's worry very easy to blow for some odd reason, even for a low end sub.
Probably because they are purchased only because of the name but morons that don't know about anything. The moron then figures "My buddy has 12's and now my 12's should get as loud as his" and tries to make it happen with insufficient power. He runs the amp into clipping and the subs die horribly.

I blew a JL 10w0 with 130 watts one time. The surround just popped off. It was pretty funny. I thought they were supposed to be better, oh well.
there rms is only 125 what the hell were you thinking,i mean giving a sub 5 watts more than its suposed to take rms.


who woulda knew 5 watts could pop off a suround.

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