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ok, well i'm no longer the kicker guy on the forum..

long story short, don't use products in your truck from one company that your sponsor makes an equivalent to.

even if it's your daily driver.

now.. i got some fresh JL's from my friend's shop.. w6v2's... 12's.. and i got a 1000/1 and a 300/2... fresh product for a fresh start.

anyone worked with these w6s to a big level? i'm reading the specs and im thinking 3.2 cubed per sub at 32 htz with 78 inches of port will give me a solid ass slam..

any ideas on that?

also, how much juice can i feed these ****s? they are rated a retarded 500 watts rms or some ********.. but could i do 1500 per sub with proper venting? anyone seen them on big numbers before? i think im going to baby step them up to 1200 or so per sub, see how they like it...

anyone with any ideas.. let me know.. i always get excited about new projects, especially when it comes to beating my own records.. but new subs are so hard to work with when NOONE you know has played much with them... so let me know.

kicker is still cool, by the way.. but it's time to move on.

If a JL is rated at 500 RMS, you could easily put 600 rms in it with no problems, no worries. You could prolly do 750 rms, but I'd be cautious with them since those are expensive pieces of equip and i know u wouldnt want anything to go wrong.

talk to limitkid, he only talks highly of JL's.

that was so uncalled for..............

me and jl are not like -> //

i did 750 watts 2 1 w6v2 before.... but i don't recommend doing anything over that. 500 a piece is okay too, i did that as well when i had 2.

don't ask me shyt about boxes, all i can say is when i get my boxes built i usually go on website specs from the dealer


ok appearantly there is a whole new croud around here.. noone knows who i am.

i'm the guy who got 157.2 out of a kicker L7 solobaric 12 off a 3800 watt us amps on an audiocontrol.. that equates to a 153-ish on a line-x.. which is ****ing good if i have to say so myself.

i was hoping bigbassloyd or rangerman, or maybe blazin_low was still around.. the big bump guys..

i plan on throwing 1000 on it per sub off the bat... i bet i could get about 1200 to 1500 per sub with NO problem with proper ventilation.... alot of you guys just dont know your boxes yet.. but trust me, it's not the tuning of the port.. it's the amount of cubes that you use to tune it.. the right amount of airspace in the port makes for proper venting, letting you push harder than you probably should and get big big numbers..

We did a box for some V2s...3.3 per, 35 hz. Twas loud.

As for power, I wouldn't give em more than 1000 each. Try about 750.

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