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As title states. I am going to make a FAQ thread so we don't get all these repeated threads. If the new people dont use the search button maybe they can see the sticky at the top of the page //

List the questions you most commonly hear asked and PLEASE answer them as well to make it easier on me. Suggestions also work well with answers

1. What amp works well with my XXX/D2/A sub?

Any amp that puts out it's rated RMS that will match the RMS of that sub will work. Normal "usage" :


Magnum D2-600-1.5kw

eD A-800-1.5kw

Just because you do not fully power the sub (give it its RMS) does NOT mean it will hurt,damage,kill the sub. It WILL be fine, mind your gains and set everything properly and you will be fine. It WILL be ok if you give less or a little more power to the subs listed, it is fine as long as you are smart about it.

Suggestions for commonly used amps:

Hifonics BX1500d

Hifonics BX1000d

PG 1200.1

JBL 1200.1

For all subs: Any amp that will give your sub the RMS power it lists that it can take, will be fine. Try to stay within 100watts of what the manufacturer recommends if you are worried at all.

2.What sub is best?

There is no best sub, the only thing we can help you with is what will best fit your situation. No sub is best overall, but there CAN be a sub that best fits your situation. Give us your situation and we can help you.

If you have small trunk space, go with a sub that requires little space to work with.

If you have lots of space and wonder what sub will be loudest, figure in cone area,power, and what kind of box you can use. All of these go into this equation.



"What is better? 2 12" l7's vs. 1 15XXX. I have 1.5kw to work with and I want to know what sub will be loudest."


If you have the same amount of power to give both of these subs, then you would want to get the 2 l7's because of the added cone area these give you. Yes,the XXX is a stronger sub(meaning the motor is stronger and the sub has better SQL) BUT in a situation like this, assuming the buyer will build, or buy their own box,and it is an approriate box to fit the sub, the 2 12's would be my suggestion. If you have to ask what sub will be better in the first place then the difference in these two will be minimal to you.

Its very hard to give a once and for all "what sub will be best" answer, but I hope that helped.

*If anyone wants to add to this please do, simply quote what I said and add what you would like*

Thats all I have for now. Feel free to add what you would like to be put in this thread. Thank you.


Wire is not that big of a deal people. 1000w is fine on 4 gauge in my opinion, but if you want to overkill, 0ga is pretty much good for 3000w. The actual electrical resistance of 10 feet of 4 gauge is extremely nominal, and an amp will live! If you can afford it, get bigger wire; if not... don't sweat it.

Yes components sound better. Yes, if you can, you should get them if you have overwhelmingly loud subs. You want to hear music too, right?

Ported boxes are generally louder. Sealed boxes generally sound tighter. There are exceptions, but if you are asking this, your first few boxes are not going to be exceptions!

Calculators don't all give you the same measurements. I find that and WinISD match up closely. I use and my boxes sound exactly how I plan for them to... so take it or leave it.

No, you don't need to waste your money on 1" MDF. Yes it is stronger. Yes it is heavier; yes it is a bigger pain to work with. Use 3/4" and brace to your little heart's content, I promise.... you will have a strong box with 3/4"

Sound deadening stops rattling. Yes, it does make your junk in your trunk sound louder. Yes, you should probably give it a try. Here are some good vendors of non-generic industrial roofing stuff... real sound deadening.

Yes, you can set your sub amp's output with a multi-meter. Set you gain so that a 60Hz 0db sine wave reads the square root of the max RMS output of your amp at 1 ohm x 1 on your bridged terminals. Ba-bling. It helps to have your sub hooked up, so you know if you need to back off due to bottoming out.

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