Fooling my amp

Have no idea if this is right, so understand that. It seems all you need is a four ohm resistor wired in parallel just like abother sub. But I don't know if that will benefit you.

It's interesting idea though, I was thinking the same thing myself with 3 2ohm subs. amp can't handle all three in parallel, so I ran two in serial and one in parallel with the other two, came out to the same 2.66 as you did.

Anybody else?

You can use a multi-tap or fixed ratio transformer to get more power out of the amp an to the speaker. It "fools" the amp into producing the current to drive a lower impedance load and turns that current into a higher voltage and the current required for the load of the speaker at that higher voltage. Stinger used to market such a transformer called Accumatch. They pop up on eBay from time to time. You have to make sure that the ratio of the transformer is correct for the stable output of the amp and the impedance of the speaker. I found a calculator online for it not that long ago but I forgot where.

The 1200 is good for 1200 watts, so can you use multiple ones for more power handling? If I had 2 1200 watt speakers, can I run 1 per speaker on a mono block amp?

You match them to the wattage the amp(s) put out, not the amount the subs can take. But, yeah its pretty easy the wire taps are color coated and straight forward. You would just have to follow Ohms law to figure out the final impendence if using multiple transformers.

I ordered mine directly through Stinger and was using them to turn 2 (2x2) subs into a 4ohm load on a 2000x.

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