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First post here, long time reader. I just purchased a new Pioneer Avic-N1 for my 2000 expedition. I also got 4 pioneer 6x8's for the doors. What I am looking for now is a good quality sub or 2 along with a good Amp to push all this.

I went down to the place that I thought I was going to install at and he was pushing me on Xplods. I am not a big Sony fan to begin with and with all the negative feedback I have seen here halted me contracting him to install. I would be open to any quality shops that you know of in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas.

Amp wise, I was looking at a 5 channel 1200 amp from Soundstream, but its a bit more then what I would like to spend at this time. I need suggestions on the Amp and Subs, a possible place to get all of this set up. (not sure I will have the time to do this myself)

Also, for those with Expeditions or friends of owners, where is a good spot to install the subs? I have seen a box that fits into the side back wall, I have seen one that goes on the ceiling, I have see the boxes set up behind the 3rd seat, but not much else. Can I install the subs in the lift gate? How would the sound be from there? Would I be better off with just going with a box behind the 3rd row? Where are some good, hidden spots for the Amp if I did want to go with a hidden install?

I have searched for several days now on a quality system at an affordable rate, but have been lacking these last few areas. Please help)

Thanks for any suggestions and Thanks for all the enjoyment and learning thusfar.

well if you want to save some cash on a 5 channel, check on ebay there are a few Viper 5 channels for a great price, then you would just need a nice efficent 12 maybe, your not going to get a ton of bass out of a 5 channel amp but with the right sub in the right box you can get the most out of the sub channel, maybe like Adire Shiva, or IDQ 12, or Infinity Kappa, something along those lines that preform very nice with not much power needed to get them going

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