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do you guys and gals remember the first time you installed a car stereo? was it difficult? did you do it yourself or did you have a friend?

i was just curious cause i'm planning on installing my first system and wanted to gauge how difficult it might be.

it was pretty easy the first time the hard part was running new wire and changing my stock speakers, it was pretty fun but took a little time what are you planning on installing

my first install was just a HU and 4 new speakers and i did it by myself, took a couple days but did it right, wasn't very difficult

Well, I did stuff part by part. Didn't just do it "over the weekend" or something like that.

1. first I learned how to take off the door panel and get to the speakers; difficulty 1-10: 5

weeks after...

2. learned how to install a head unit. diff: 4

weeks after...

3. installed front speakers. diff: 2 since all it was was just taking off door panel, screwing speakers in, and wiring them up.

month after...

4. started doing stuff to install the amp

- a couple weekends were spent trying to take things apart and put em back together, so I'd know how to get to them when I would have to run the wire from the battery, through the car, and into the trunk.

5. one weekend I wired up the power wire, rca cables, remote, and ground from the front of the car (whether it be battery or HU) to the trunk

6. another weekend I tested to see if it worked, even though no speakers set up.

7. just last saturday, wired the front speakers to the amp, and the back ones too.

8. just today, tried fiberglassing....didn't go too

I think the main thing is just to do it...of course everything may not go how you want it to go and you may suffer pitfalls, but just persevere and you'll come out on top (lol...I sound like a motivational speaker)

the first install I did was a deck. It took a few hours and the hardest part was to get the factory radio out because I had a VW jetta at the time and didn't knw about the VW keys..... so needless to say, I KILLED the factory radio, but the rest wasn't too difficult.

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