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Just got my two RE SE10's today... i ordered them almost a full month ago! I was so pist at having to wait this long but i forgot all about after seeying those fudgers!

I posted a message here about a month ago also about what amp to get and ofcourse i decided to not buy the amp until i knew that i was gonna get the subs so once again i will ask this question... whats the best amp for these two? they will go in a .65cuFT box made by me, in the back of a 98 Toyota Tacoma extended cab SR5!

I got a Boss Chaos C650 from a friend and will use this until i get another amp. Whenever i get the amp i will use the Boss amp to power my speakers... 4 of them, 2 Infinity Kappa's in front and my old Pioneers in the back... maybe not a good mix but they sound purty good now running off the HU and as soon as i hook up the REs im sure ill be blown away!

Anyways fellas, i got about $250 at the most left for whatever amp. As long as i can give these guys a good clean 400watts RMS ill be happy, anything more and its just a bonus.

Sorry for the length but any help will be appreciated very much!

why did it take them over a month? thats weird. i remember when i ordered my 2 10" SE's i got them in under a week. I used to have a JBL 1200.1 on my SE's. It was a real good combo. that amp can be found easy for 275ish shipped. probly on ebay for cheaper. If u look on ebay, there are refurbished directed 1100d's for sale all the time that go for under 200 dollars. The guy sells a ton of these amps and is very legit so its basically just like new, and theres a 1 year warranty.

Ok... so we all agree that they were on backorder. But what about the amp? first i wanted a 4-channel amp to power my whole system and the one we all agreed on was the Avionixx 800.4 but thats not happening anymore since i already got another amp to power my speakers. So now i need a class D amp for no more than $250!

Iv read a lot of good things about the Directed 1100d but the ones that are cheap enough for me to even consider are refurbished and are still over my spending limit... anyways guys i need some help here, please give me ur advice! I dont really care for having a "big" name, as long as it does the job!

Im glad you guys mentioned the Hifonics Brutus 1000d cause i was going to ask about... i have heard a few people say that this amp's birth sheet rates it at 700W RMS at 1ohm. So my question is simple is this true? if it does do 1000W RMS this would be great, but does it?

The Hifonics BX1500d is just a little too expensive for me! and yes they are dual 4ohms!

monte_carlo97 iv heard that its a good idea to stay away from the Power Acoustik amps... i myself have never tried one so i cant say much, but since you have one please let me know how it sounds and what you think about it.

Also are there any other amps out there that i should check out?

My bad, i got it all wrong... what i was told is that the amp is rated at 14.4v and not 12.5v. So If i was to have the AC, Head Unit, and everything else on then i wouldnt be getting the full 1000watts out of the amp. And it wasnt a birth sheet... its supposed to be the pamphlet that comes with the amp. The Brutus BX1000d says its 700@1ohm and the BX1500 says 1000@1ohm. Iv talked to different people who own there and they all say the same thing and i even looked around the Sound Domain forum and a few people say that its true.

So anyways, now that i know all this the BX1000 is out of the question, so its either the BX1500 or something else... The problem is the the cheapest the BX15000 will go for is like $270 unelss its used. Anyways is there anything else out there or im i just gonna have to aim lower like a Lanzar or something like that?

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