Figuring out speakers for 22 WRX

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Just got the 22 wrx. Stock speakers are horrendous. They are made of paper. I'm looking at Rockford Fosgate R169X3 which is only 65 rms as I see someone on youtube put in. As well as Infinity Reference REF-9633ix which is at 100 rms and Kicker 46CSC6934 at 150 rms. I have always been a Kicker fan. So more or less leaning towards them. I have 2 10in CVX subwoofer, which I will be installing at some point. My question is whether or not moving up in rms will require me to install an amp or not. If I don't install an amp will it sound bad at such a high rms. I'm just looking for a better sound to work off of the head unit, hoping not to install another amp. Open to suggestions as well. 6x9 for front speakers and same brand 6.5 speakers for back doors.
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I'd go for higher efficiency speaks something in the low 90's or higher if you're not installing an amp...the higher rms a speaker is rated the more power it needs to sound like it's kind of like throwing a 800w sub on a 100w'll play but not like it should
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id do a good set of components upfront, subs in the back
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There was a guy on DIYMA that did a '20 or '21 WRX and was selling all his custom pods and what not. Might want to head over there and put up a post as well. I know all his stuff was unreal the work he did. Worth every penny and iirc is willing to do the work for others as well for payment of course.

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My question is whether or not moving up in rms will require me to install an amp or not.
Yes, usually speakers designed to hang with more power do so at the expense of efficiency. On the flip side people looking to spend a lot of money are looking to run more power these days so manufacturers often make their higher end lines hold more power so I'd say there's no set rule here.

Now if something is "loud enough" is completely subjective and only you can decide whether to add an amp later.

That said, I've also had good luck with Kicker components as well as Harmon International (JBL/Infinity) so really between those or Rockford I'd expect very comparable performance from brand to brand at each price point. I'd suggest you call up Crutchfield, ask them what fits, tell them what your goals are and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Their phone support before and after the sale are top notch and they're a useful resource if you know what you're trying to do but not sure what stuff on the market will get the job done. I usually use them in shopping head units as there are very specific features I'm usually after, but I'm sure the folks there could point you in the right direction on whatever else you're trying to do.
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I eneded up purchasing the front Kicker 6x9 43dsc69304 at 90 rms and rear Kicker 6.5in 43dsc6504 at 60 rms from Crutchfield. Decent price, these should be what I'm looking for. Should come in a couple days and I'll post my thoughts on it after I install them.

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Wow, I just finished the install of the Kicker DSC front and rear door speakers. What a night and day difference to stock. I will be purchasing the Kicker DSC 3.5in dash speaker to finish it off. I highly recommend this setup for the 22 WRX. With Crutchfield supplying the mounting brackets and harnesses for free with free shipping, can't get any better. I have the bass at +2 and treble the highest. Idk if that's the "correct set up" but this set up made it sound so crisp with some bass. Can't wait to install my subwoofer (2 10in CVX).
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