Electrical set ups If you got em show em!


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Sep 10, 2009
I'm sure that if I did some sound deadening that it would help a bit
Not necessarily. I lost when I deadened my floor and I've talked to other veteran competitors who have added deadening and lost.
I would like to be in the 149's for some reason. 148.9 is such a tease.
I spent about a year at 159.7 (mainly waiting for softparts).

Did you read that thread over at SMD forum? That bloke there tested a LOT of things that effected his score. Do not assume something that didn't help him won't help you, or vice versa. Test everything and then attempt to verify some change works consistently and wasn't just a fluke reading one time. No reason you can't find another 1dB from shit that doesn't require you spending money on equipment from where you're sitting.
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Jan 20, 2022
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Just watched one from HiFi Vega. He went slow enough for me to keep up lol. I bought some headway cells and will end up adding it to the underground power battery I already have. I could use more reserve
You have got a ton of headway sales and smaller sized banks that I'm selling


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Oct 18, 2021
I'll DM you. I'm trying to convince some of my boys to build some banks and save some money

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