Does size really matter 10" VS 12"

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Keeping the amp the same and choosing the same brand woofer in a 10" or 12" with a ported box (box being bigger for the 12")

What would be the difference.

I bought a Diamond 10" sub in a slotted (ported) box and it sounds awesome and gets loud. What would be the benifits of going with a 12" in a bigger same type box?

Thanks for all the help.


the difference between a 12" and 10" is that with the 12" you have more cone area hence more air that will be moved. But that is just what i understand it as. Could be wrong. Most likely 12" have more power handeling but if you are using the same size amp that is really not a factor then.

louder, deeper, more expensive, takes up more space. wants more amp juice. using the same amp wattage the woofers sensitivity will play a factor. if its not an efficient speaker you might not get that much more. i dont know about the diamonds sensitivity.

What matters in the box. A 12" sub will give you a deeper sound, the largers cone area gives a little more spl, and if the motor structure of the 10 and the 12 inch are the same, than depending on the initial power rating of the 10 in woofer, say 200rms, then the 12 inch more or less could handle about 50 watts more.

There isn't much downfall from upgrading from a 10 to a 12 othan than space and power. Larger the woofer generally the more power required to move it and larger the enclosure required.. Those are the main differences between the two. but a badass 10 will do some serious damage, dont underestimate the 10's :p

I've kicked some serios ass with a single 10, in a box that would i guess be understood as a something as a abc style base 6th order quad aero port box. Man that thing was serious serious.

Have fun


My girl friend told me size doesn't matter.
Thats a bad sign. The only time a girl says that to you is if she thinks you're small.// Or she has a lesbian friend.

Just for the sake of keeping this thread on topic I think 12's are a perfect size. not as bulky as a 15, just the right size. I like how 12's sound.

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