did i fry my amp?????

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well dammit today i thought i would install my audiobahn amp to still see if it worked and it blew my fuses, so i put some other fuses in and it blew them to, could it be that i ran 8 gauge power to them and a 40 amp fuse at the battery, the amp has 2 40amp fuses, i think its fried because it didnt blow the fuse at the battery but it blew like 8 fuses , should i run thicker wire or did i just fry my amp


you blew the two 40amp fuses on the amp and not the 40a fuse at the battery? Definately sounds like a bad amp, but you forgot to answer an important question, did the amp turn on and only blow the fuses when you had the amp at high power, or did it blow as soon as the connection was made reguardless of if the amp was running or not? Either way its bad.

well i put the fuses in and then i turned on the head unit and i heard like a little crack and i checked my fuses and they were burned, what do you think is wrong

yeah it's the amp... i've seen or heard of at least 3 of these in the past few months... which audiobahn amp was it? first one i saw it took me forever 2 figure it out... never saw anything like it so i thought i messed something up... then i finally checked the amp fuses after 30 minutes and they were blown... so i put new fuses in... and when i put the fuse back in at the battery it just sparked and blew the fuses again...

that's not the only problem i've seen lately with these audiobahn amps...

THere is a way to test it but it is not highly reccommened. Get like a 14 gauge wire, and touch the two blade ends got togther, so it makes a circuit. Now this willl not blow so becareful. It will let the amp come on. Now if u let it stay to long it will really blow the amp. IF u do not get what i am sayin just send me a an instant message.

I've done that b4.

I had a punk-ass Ultimate Digitalis 1300S. The power connections just had the word "POWER" over top both the power and ground terminals, so I didn't know which was which. Well, I put the ground in the power terminal, and the power in the ground terminal. At the time I had an 80amp fuse under the hood, the 80 amp fuse didn't blow, but the 3-40amp fuses in the amp blew. Everybody kept telling me it was a bad amp bcuz the 120amp blew and the 80amp didn't. But it was my connections.

So yeah, double check your connections. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

I checked the connections and everything was alright, and i already opened it and nothingg looked burned on the inside, earlier today i went to a local car audio shop that sell a LOT of audiobahn products, and he said it could be the pre-amp outputs or the power source, he says he will check it more thoroughly later this week for free

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