crossover wire length??

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Using CDT speakers, jl audio amp. My front speaker set up includes main and tweet connections plus additional high range imaging tweets in dash. So, three separate outputs from crossover(no problem-crossover is set up for this).

MY question:

Does it make any difference if I

1. run one long speaker lead from amp to crossover (mounted in front door if I can find the space)and three separate outputs from there. or

2. keep the lead from the amp to the crossover short and run three long sets of speaker output to the front speaker connections.


Tom Hanaway

Well, as long as the wires from the crossover to the speakers are similar, you won't have any trouble. To be honest, even if they are a few feet different, you won't notice a difference.

Regarding your specific question however, you will save a tad bit of $$ on speaker wire if you run one long one and 3 sets of short ones. I personally am building an amp rack on my back seat, and instead of hiding the crossovers, I chose to display them, so I will be running the longer sets to the speakers.

It's personal preference, you will not notice any difference. Just depends if you want to show off your crossovers, or hide them.


Ok thanks. I was looking for the cleanest, stealthiest approach since I have a convertible. Turns out I had lots of space between the inside of the door panel and the electric window. So I velcroed the crossover inside the door panel and ran a single wire from the rear to the cross-x and three wires from there to speakers.

I thought about displaying them but decided I didn't want to run the three wires from the rear. Not a cost issue, just a hidden layout issue.

I'm still building an amp rack but it will just have the amps, cd player and xm tuner--all bolted to amp rack which will be bolted to car :^)

Tom H.

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