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Yeah so I've been lucky enough so far to evade alternator whine and engine nose, so I guess now it's my turn.

I got a crossover to seperate signals for me and so that I have more control over sq and which speakers play what. Problem is, when I wire up the cross over, I get the alternator whine pretty bad when the car is running, of course.

I have 2 alpine mrp-m350's, one running 1 DVC JL 12" and the other 2 10" alpine's

I also have a little old kenwood amp, kac-625 i think, running 2 tweeters and 2 8" drivers.

So the crossover takes in 2 pair of rca's ( not shitty ) one line level and one sub, and puts out high mid low, naturally. The Jl is set up in the proper box etc to play 80hz and lower only. The Alpine 10's are for 80hz-200Hz, and the 8" drivers do the rest until the alpine speakers and tweaters take over.

Anyways the only thing I change here was the addition of the cross over. Of course I wired it all up with the engine off, and everything was sounding good. I then turned the car on and, well, my heart sank. The noise was comming through the tweaters and 8" speakers only. This only seems to be a problem when the cross over is wired in though, it gets its power from the distro block like everything else and grounds in the same point also. Its possible that in the mess of wires I had going that something was grounding out Im going to try it from scratch again today. The power wire and rca's are seperate sides of the car of course.

Any Ideas? I've red a lot of noise posts, so I am going to try some logical / easier suggestions out, but if anyone ahs a better idea I'd love to hear it.

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