car is off, RADIO STILL ON! HELP!

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I have a 94 Z-28 stock BOSE system. I only replaced the head unit with a Aline CDM-7861 player. Everything works fine, but when I turn the car off the Head Unit is STILL ON!? When I open the door it shuts off (small push button on side of door is released). When I close the door (key in my pocket) it comes back on again! What is going on!?? I checked the ignition wire from head unit to wiring harness and it is connected. Any and all Insight please!

2) Bought used head unit. Radio is fine, CD PLAYER doesn't work!? the volume meter goes up/down, changes tracks, etc but no sound.. Best Buy said CD PLAYER IS BRoken? Any other explanations?

3) Aftermarket radio gets loud WAAY too fast. Vol at 4 out of 35 and it's loud..

Thanks in advance for all INPUTs.

1) ROFLMAO...I'm sorry, but that is funny! You probably used the wrong positive wire to connect the radio. The wire you used probably sends a signal to the cars computer letting it know all doors are closed. If you have a voltage meter look for a wire that measures +12V when ignition is on and 0V when off. That should be connected to the red wire of the HU. Look for a wire that ALLWAYS measures +12V this should be connected to the yellow wire (it's for the memory of the HU so that you don't loose your radio stations or other settings when you turn the car off) rest is probably connected as it should be as your HU works...

2) no clue, sorry...they are probably right

3)Do you have amps in the car? If you do lower the gain on the amps

my mercury does the same thing. Except for the opening and closing of doors. I checked the 12v positive and the memory coming from the wiring harness and it turns out that they both have power to them all the time, when only the memory wire should do that.

Your vehicle has a delay circuit that is activated by the drivers door, it is designed and engineered to work this way. The circuit is called retained accessory power. If you want to bypass this function, take the red ignition lead from the aftermarket cd player and attach it to the pink wire coming from the ignition. Make this a soldered connection and verify it with a meter.

The cd player is screwed.

The factory system is probably amplified (Bose, correct?) and you have not used the proper interface adaptor to integrate the aftermarket cd player to the factory amplified system. You are overdriving the input stages of the factory amp.

for the cd player not working...try switchign the blue wire and the blue with white wire. it sounds like the factory amp might be shutting off when you switch to CD. if you're using the power antenna lead as the amp turn on, then it turns off when you turn to cd, cuz the alpines turn off or take down the power antenna. try and that see if it works.

it's too loud because of the factory amp. you amping an amp if that makes sense. iirc...there is a box that wires in line with it and you can turn down the signal for the amp and make it a little more quiet. so you can turn the radio up farther...and not have it kill you.

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