Can u wire speakers to 2 ohms?

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I plan on buying 2 pairs of tweeters ( 4 total) and i want to wire them into two ohms b/c of their power handling ( 150 rms ) is there anyway you can wire the tweeters to give it a 2 ohm load into a 4 channel amp. i think it would be a 4 channel amp if its 2 pairs of tweeters right? just the tweeters no woofers none of that just the highs.

Thx guys

Asside from wondering why in sams hill anyone would want four tweeters at 2 ohms with no midbass..... here we go:

If the tweeters are 4 ohm each then wire two in parallel and run them on 2 channels of the amp.

1/4+1/4=2/4 inverse 4/2=2 ohms thats how you figure parallel impedence based on two resistances 1/R1+1/R2=1/Rtotal

That answer the question?


heh... I'll learn that lesson as soon as I can prove it on paper.

I'm one of the few that actually likes mathamatical proofs but have too short of an attention span to finish them...

Waaaaaay off topic sorry.

can i also add that i **** at math?...i dont care much for midbass just subbass and highs. right now i just set my amp to highpass only with my alpine type r speakers so i can get louder highs without that nasty bass from the 6 1/2's coming out.

If you basically ignore the 100-3500 Hz midbass range you are going to have a fairly huge hole in your system. This is where the vast majority of your music comes from, tweeters and subwoofers round out the sound. You really do want midbasses. And 4 tweeters is going to confuse your soundstage quite a bit unless you've got a huge car and are putting two at the very front and two at the very back for rear passengers.

well i was thinking of the tweeters or just getting 2 of the type r components just so it look nice with my alpine hu and type r subs. is there any way to wire em to two ohms? even though why would i if their 50 rms

Man ur asking one strange question.Get a component set and wire it like a normal person.ive never in my life heard of someone just having tweeters in their car with no midbass.

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