Can u name this sub??

Name This Sub????



give us some hints
the only hints that i could give ya, is that ive never heard of this brand or sub ever...heres a part of a review on it...

"The 12-inch _______ sub has the same mean, leering-sneer sitting in its shipping carton that Crystal's CMP-12 12-incher had. The squarish corners of the _____ cast frame, its 1 1/3-inch top plate, its extended back plate, and its wide rubber surround exudes that "I mean business" air. In fact, this sub looks like it wants to jump off my kitchen table and attack me as I write this.

will include 10- and 12-inch models available with 2- or 4-ohm versions. Prices are $269 and $299 respectively in standard finish, and $329 and $359 for chrome Comp models. (We're testing the $299 model here.) Power handling is specified as 600 watts rms and 1,000 watts peak. Initially, they'll be sold factory direct from _____ and through the Internet.

I received the ____ with dual 4-ohm coils. The sub has a 1-inch rubber surround, twin 8-inch spiders with in-line tinsel leads, a laser-etched aluminum/titanium alloy cone and dust cap, an integrated rubber gasket, nickel-plated spring-loaded connectors (which firmly squeeze wire as large as 8 gauge) mounted on the frame, and two voice coils 3 inches in diameter and 24 millimeters long. The dual spiders help keep the moving parts aligned. When you have large heavy parts and long excursion, alignment becomes a major quality issue.

The ____ is big (requiring 6 5/16 inches of rear clearance) and heavy (weighing in at 29 pounds). Not only does it look like the Crystal CMP-12, but it shares many of the CMP-12's attributes. For example, both subs are underhung, which means that the voice coil remains fully in the magnetic gap at all times. (Most speakers are overhung so the voice coil extends beyond the gap.)

In-Lab Testing

DUMAX testing confirmed that the___ has 19.11 mm of clean stroke limited by its motor. The suspension has 22.8 mm of clean stroke. This translates to 11 1/4 inches of clean travel counting both stroke directions, and that's the longest excursion of any 12-inch sub I've ever tested. In fact, the ___ has the most stroke of any speaker measured for ME, regardless of piston diameter. Beautiful.


Fs: 23.6 Hz

Qms: 6.13

Qes: 0.43

Qts: 0.40

Vas: 2.8 cubic feet

Re: 1.58 ohms

Xmax: 19.11 mm

Frequency response: 44.2 to 90 Hz *

Minimum impedance: 3.32 ohms at 85 Hz

89.6 dB SPL **


* ±1.5 dB

** (with 1-watt input measured at 1 meter)


Frequency response: 10 to 146 Hz ±3.6 dB

Maximum SPL with

test tones:

from 25 to 62 Hz; 123.7 dB

at 40 Hz ** 127.5 dB

Maximum SPL with

music: *** 125.9 dB average

129.1 dB maximum

* (at 10% distortion limit)

**(frequency of greatest output)

*** (with three killer bass tracks-"976-BASS,

"Jurassic Lunch," and "Excerpts of Cannons

recorded for 1812 Overture")

****(with "976-BASS")


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