Can I run my rears off the Head Unit?


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Sup people!?

My name's Art, n' I'm new to this forum (even though I've been reading it 4 a min.) NeWayz...

I was thinking about the cdt-cl-61's w/ the image enhancement kit. Then I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy the clx's for rear fill or just use my stock 6x9's. If I bought cdt's for the front's and the rears, I would buy a fosgate amp (100x4 to 4ohm.) or something along those lines for all 4 speakers. But I was wondering if I could power the rears from the head unit and not an amp if I decide to stick w/ stock rears.

What are your suggestions? You all seem very knowledgable and I trust your opinions.

clx or stock?

Currently I have an alpine 9815 head unit

a Jl 12w6v2 powered by an mtx 4250d mono amp that supposedly (according to birth certificate) puts 350 watts into this 2 ohm load.

F/S- 2 Jl audio 10W0 in perfect condition.

Get a 2 channel amp for your components and either ditch the rears altogether or run them off the HU. You don't need nearly that much power for your rear my opinion at least.

I run CDT CL-61's in the front off of an amp and stock 6x9's in the rear of the H/U. Well, technically my car had the upgraded sound system, so my 6x9's are amped as well... but it's speaker level inputs so I still get more distortion than someone with RCA's. Basically, yes you can. It's a very cheap way to get decent midbass. If you have the bling, invest in an amp, and crossover your 6x9's to only play the midbass if that is what you want. Right now, I run the FIE settings on my H/U, so that my 6x9's only run 160hz and lower. I'm looking at getting an 80hz speaker level HPF so that my 6x9's will be limited to 80-160hz, that way I get the extra midbass feel (since I don't want my sub playing that high, and my CDT's can't handle lows in the stock door locations at the volumes that I like to play), so it is a very good way for "budget midbass". Eventually I would prefer to get a 150w RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms and just run a couple RE8's or comparable speakers in the back for midbass, but for now, it works great.

My two cents. As with almost any question similar to this, try it, and see if you like it. If you don't try it, you'll never know 100% if it would've worked, and if you like it, it just saved you money //


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