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alright, im look at these cadance sound subs (the high line ones) that sell for 700 a piece, if i run two of these on a orion 1200/1 D each, should i be hitting some nice number if installed properly? and is there anyway to make a ported box to where i could tune to different hertz (ie: for daily driving and comps)

i don't know how good Cadence subs are but they make good amps

and yes, i have seen boxes where the tuning frequency could be changed

if you have money waste .... im sure youll be happy. but dont just go blow it on something expensive *and im not accusing you of beign ignorant* but look around for some SPL subs if you want SPL or SQ if u want SQ or 50/50 if u want 50/50

sure that 700 dollar sub witll pound .... but so will a 100 dollar 12 ..... if u want some advice, let us know what kinda budget your on and what vehicle you have and how much air space your willing to work with

as far as the box tune ..... you can make a slider bar or removable ports to change the tune ......

I'm sure Cadence is capable of producing good numbers, but from what I have seen, they are difficult drivers to work with. At a recent competition I went to, it was sponsered by Cadence, and about half the people there had Cadence subs, some installed properly and some not. Even the ones that were installed properly hit extremely low numbers. Adam and I hit anywhere from 3-5 decibels more than anyone running cadence, including the guy with four twelves and two amps.

I have faith in Cadence equipment, so really IMO its all up to the install and you should be happy, great amps and great subs I think you got a good combination

I used to have some old school cadence Shockwaves 15's they were not to shabby but then again id either burn up the tinsel wire or the voice coils in a about a day or two they just never could handle the power they said they could.

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