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what happens if you dont break in subs?

what i mean is, that i hear of all you people always starting out powering it with a low power amplifier for a while, then when its "broke in" then you feed the the power that it was made to handle.

my question is, what if you just feed it the power its supposed to handle from the start?

i never owned a high power subwoofer, and im asking this in advance before i order my 15 inch magnum d2 //

i have powered my 10w6v2 with a 500/1 since i got it and it works fine but im an idiot so dun listen to me //

Well, it may be a myth, but breaking them in couldn't hurt...

I personally at least give them a good hour before I run them at full power- it gives the surround and spyder a chance to become less stiff. Most people say high-quality stuff like RE doesn't need breaking-in and many just run at full power from the very start. Who knows, they're your speakers, do what you feel is best.

if you do break them in you don neccesarily have to get a lower power amp, just dont turn the gain or the music up loud for a while. And i was told by the dealer i bought my subs from to give them five(i think it was five) hours of breaking in before pounding on them

I go ahead and break them in for a couple days just to be sure. The spider and cone are a little stiff when they are new, so I won't stress them. I waited a couple of days before giving it full power.

I'm w/ Warren on this. It's all ********. I have never broke in a sub. Just go blast those things as loud as you want. I've used a lot of subs to. Not once have I ever done a break in period nor will I ever.

best way is to get your **** set up and play them at moderate levels for a few days then bump never failed me yet. better safe than sorry...besides who wants to deal with warranties and other ******** anyway.

ive gone through enough pairs of subs to safely assure you that you do not need to play your sub at moderate levels or anything of that sort for "breaking them in". the same day i get my subs is the same day that i pound the hell out of them.

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