Brakes, Interference??

Hey man you should get your alternator and Bat. check out because it sounds like they cannot hold a load. The electrical system in your car is not geting enough juice. check those two things out. What kind of equitment do you have.

Well to me it sounds like you are having a problem with your ground. If your alt or bat is bad you will get more than just a pop with your brakes You normally get headlight dimming. You are getting a signal into the amp through a outside source and it is putting it through your sub. I normally run the same size if not bigger wire to my ground points. If you have your amp ground to the body of the car you can check to see if you battery is body grounded. With this I mean on the Neg terminal of the battery you should have a small piece of wire running off the terminal on connecting to the body of the car. It should be about 8 inch or so from the terminal. If it is not there you may try to add one. (most cars are). Next is redue your ground point, make sure nothing like corosion or anything may be causing a loss of ground.

It very well may be a power problem, but you can check this by testing the volts at the amp. It should read 12 with the car off and between 14.7 and 12 with it running. (it should be on the higher side.) Turn your car on stereo up and press on the brake and see if the volts spike or drop at anytime.

Makes me wonder if the location of your ground is a problem.

Maybe you've grounded your amps too close to the brake lights, so when you hit the brake pedal and the lights light up your amps are reacting to that current change in that area of the circuit.

It might be worth trying a grounding point further away from the rear of the car.

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