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Would it be safe for my 2 W10GTi subs to be in a regular box?

I dont know much about boxes, but can they harm the subs in anyway?

Im gettin my stuff installed at a local shop and when i asked the final price, and i needed a box. They said the box was included in the installation.

I dont want a box that would harm my box, but i dont know if thats even possible.

In the future im planning on building a ported box for my 2W10GTI's, but thats in the future.


By regular box you would mean, what exactely?

If you had a ported enclosure you could possibly damage your subs by playing 20 hz tones at full volume with no ssf.

Well it is possible to damage your sub by putting it in the wrong box. However, most prefab boxes are safe for just about any speaker. I don't condone prefab boxes though. Hopefully the shop where you bought this from has enough sense to build the box to specs, or at least sell you one thats close to specs.

well im gettin it installed at Circuit City.

Hopefully theyll give me a box thats close to the specs for the subs.

Its probably gonna be a pre made one though, do you think ciruit city would give me a harmful box for the subs?

I got my first sub installed at circuit city and they did a great job. But where I'm at installation didnt include a box. How much is this gonna cost you? For them to install my old 2 10's and a cap(no i dont use a cap ne more) and my old amp it was 100 bux. I just dont want them to screw u over by overcharging

If those GTi are like the older ones then you could **** near put them in anything and they would work. If it is a prefab sealed box then you will be fine.

I had some GTi's back in 96. I played the hell out of them in several different enclosures. They were very reliable and low priced I ended up selling them in 2001 after they had set for about a year. I dont know what the new ones are like but the older ones were a perfect entry level sub.

Thanks for your feedback you guys. much appreciated.

As for installation,

i got 2 amps, 4 speakers, cap, hu, 2 subs.

And for everything including wiring theyr'e asking 300.

Then after all that i gota get a converter for my VW Golf, which is another 100.

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