best places to put brown bread

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yea, im just putting the finishing touches on my plan for my stereo. I purchased 15 square feet of deadener and im wondering what everyone's opinion as the best places to put it.

My car is a 4 dr acura tl and it has pretty bad road noise. I was sorta planning on putting a layer of rubberized undercoating in the 4 wheel wells.

as for the brown bread, i was thinkin

3/4 to 1/2 the front door (where the components are). (4 ft each)

some of the trunk, like the back wall and the lid maybe. (3 - 5 ft)

and wondering where the best place to put the rest. probibly whatever is left on the floor by the drivers feet and the passengers feet.

this is a reasonable rounded system, one sub in the trunk, components in the front, and 6x9 for light rear fill.

this plan is cheap cheap cheap and im not planning on buying anymore professional deadener but maybe other products like foam or something else?



actually, I say if you want proper damping of doors, you're prolly gonna use it all up doing the front doors.

Also, do look up and read on what damping mats can and cannot do. It might not be the best solution to soundproofing your cabin.

yes, you're right. Ok, with what little dmaping mats you have, I'd choose to use it on my front doors, especially directly behind the speaker. //

take care the problematic areas first then if you have more you can use it on other places. but like everybody said, 15 sqft is not enough to effectivelly reduce road noise.

I actually think that damping mats will not reduce road noise much at all. A caraudio manag once tried damping the WHOLE car, literally everywhere except the windows, and all they got at the end was a 3dB reduction.

Point is, damping mats reduce rattles and vibrations, flexing if you will.

Sound absorbtion mats, used together with damping mats will work wonders. I once thought the same, thinking damping mats will get rid of sound, but that's not to be. You need something to abosrb soundwaves effectively.

I have faith in second skin product, affter using damplifier and they offer soundproofing mats. I'll prolly order a huge load from them when i get my next project car.

Have a look into their vinyl liner, if you're into reducing road noise. I'm suprised at the amount of people who don't really talk much about this stuff and only damping mats.

each door will require 24 sq feet to properly dampen.

Brown bred is a vibration damper, not a barrier or absorber.

barrier reflect air borne sound

absorbers ...absorb it.

dampers reduce structure borne vibrations to inaudible levels.

a combination of all 3 is best...


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