best 12's under 200 bux??????

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i have an alpine amp that makes 350 watts rms.i want to get 2 twelves and run each one of em with 175 watts. each twelve incher will go in a 1 cu.ft. sealed truck question is what 12" sub will run best with only 175 watts, 1 cu.ft. sealed, less than 6 " mounting depth, and both together cost less than $200.

goin for 70 spl, 30 sq

hmmm, 175 watts per is not a lot to work with...i think you would be better off just going with one 12 and giving it all 350 watts. Maybe an alpine type R.

i had that exact mounting depth to work with and i chose the kicker comp vr's i got two of them on ebAY for 171.00 shipped, they should be loud.

I was also looking for an upgrade from my two pioneers 12's. Was looking at a pair of ED 12Kx.

But I dont know if my alpine(mrpm350) amp is 1 ohm stable?

Do you guys have any svc recommendations?

well, what is your amp stable to? you can run your subs in parallel or series and give 350 watts to both of them, just be careful that your amp is stable to that impedance. For example if your amp is stable to 4 ohms, you can buy two single voice coil 2 ohm subs and run them in series to your amp so they each get 350 at 4 ohms. You could also do that with two dual voice coil 4 ohm subs.

check out

for wiring options then choose your subs accordingly.

As for what sub to go with, for 200 bucks I'd go with two ED Kx12"s they would fit that box alright and 350 watts would be fine for them. Only thing is I'm not sure about the mounting depth on them. but you can check it at

good luck choosing

Thanks Guys I didnt realize ED sold 2ohm dual voice coil subs I thought it was just 4 ohm. Great :thumbsup

How do you guys think the ED ED 12Kx Would compare to the Pioneers (TS-305c-svc) That I have now? will there be a big difference?

o.k thanx for all of the responses. i checked out those ed subs and they look really nice.very small mounting depth for twelves as says their power range is 150-400 and i was wonderin do u think that 175 watts would power each sub effectively.would i be reaching close to its xmax? how dou think 2 edkx 12" with 175 watts goin to each compare to 3 rf he 10" subs with 200 watts goin to each in spl and sq. i want people to hear these things from far away.

also how do u think the 2 ed's would compare to the 2 re12's
can't help you their, probably realy close.

K should take the rf in SQ, spl would be a close call(I think) not good with the cone area math stuff.

175 watts will move them well X-max I don't know, but in my experince they very effecient subs.

any more thoughts
If you are still debating what sub to get I will trough out a few more things.

warrenty- re=1yr. ed=3yr.

power handling- re= 175 can take more ed= 400

box size- equal

the RF and Pioneer not realy in the same league, However can be localy avlable

choice- tough as hell, but yours to make.

the thing i'm not sure about with the ed is because its rms is 400 would 175 get it movin real good. the first watts are the most important though cuz yesterday i hoooked my sony with a 300 rms up to someone's sony amp with 100 rms and that thing moved pretty **** good for only 100 watts and only like half way up...suprised the crap outta me.

here's the deal though....since the re's rms is 175 i would be gettin the most out of the subs as compared to not even puttin half the ower i could to the ed's......also how would the ed 12's compare to compvr 12's in spl and sq...i am also cosiderin the kickers

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