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almost done with my ride. Question.

going back to the kickpanels. I had heard the term before but guessed it was just the grill in the door that my pioneers are in.

I have a few more questions.

my 6x9s would like the juice from a JL 300/2 yea?

my 3 way pioneers in the front i will take out, but regarding the kickpanels..

Here at my work, we do fiberglassing. So i would be able to make any custom pieces i would need, question is, whats the best way to make the mold for my kickpanels, how should i orient the driver with the tweeter, at what angle should i align them both with the center of the cabin, annnd how sould i make the mold? whats the best material?

regarding the components. Im trying to get all my major stuff from JL, So i was looking at their components. You told me, and i agree, i should get a component set put in the kickpanels, and swap my coaxials in the doors with mid-bass drivers. Well i was looking at some of the JL stuff, and they have the 2 ways and the 3 way component sets. all with the crossovers yatta yatta.

My dilemma is, should i get the driver/tweeter sets for the kickpanels, and then add 6.5 mid-bass drivers in the doors? and use a 4 channel amp? Orr use the 3 way component set. WHICH i thought looked odd, it looks like a driver, a smaller driver, and a tweeter. Is that what i need? the smaller driver and tweeter mount in the kickpanel, and the larger driver in my door? I think its a mid-bass and a mid-range. whatever that is. lower bass and higher bass?

If i go with that, that would be great, but all 3 of those components link to the crossover?

If so, i could just use a 2 channel amplifier right? Website says 150 watts RMS for the 3 way component set. what it DOESNT say is if that is per set. Im guessing it would be ok to use an amp that puts 200 watts to each channel? or the exact 150w to each channel?

I hope thats the way its done.. But i like the idea of having two 6.5” drivers on each side. I found that i usually end up liking or wanting whats redundant or unnecessary in my car.. so if the 4” mid-range and the 6.5” mid-bass would be fine, then cool, ill order em today.

Oh yea. On the fiberglass mid-range or door driver. Should i enclose it at all? The one in the door would sound fine just as it is, but the kickpanel for the 4” (or 6.5”) driver, should i port it somehow? is that a good idea? sound better? or just fiberglass the kickpanel so its a sealed enclosure. Id appreciate your opinion.

below are the links to the products i am considering.

If i go with the 3way component set, do you have a JL Amp recommendation?

hope i didnt type too much.. Im eager to get my in-cabin equipment installed.

oh yea, where should i put the amp for the door stuff... I was thinking about a false floor on the passenger side. If i use the 300/2, i MIGHT be able to stick it under the seat. But anything else wont fit there. I can fit quite a fat amp in the passenger side floor, higher up. I got tons of room and 90% of my passengers are short. like 5’2. good idea? or stick it in the trunk oO?

VR650-CSi 6.5-Inch Component System

XR650-CSi 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

XR650-CW 6.5-Inch Component Woofer

*** XR653-CS 6.5-Inch 3-Way Component System ***

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