Audiobahn A1300HCT Overheating


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I have an audiobahn A1300HCT I think this is the right model number but I am not sure it, is the high current series class A/B desgin. It is capable of putting out 1,100 watts RMS into a 1 ohm load (sure.... lil on the high side I think). The amp is connected via 4 ga the ground is also 4 ga.

The amp is powering 2 Audiobahn Flame Q's 12''. The subs are running a 1 ohm load so I am trying to get the most juice outta this amp as I can. I have been using the amp for hours everyday for over a year. Recently the fans started getting noisy. The one day the amp shut off by it's self. I checked the amp and it was quiet hot so I figured it went into thermal protect mode. Then 2 min later it turned back on. But the fans where not working. So I replaced the two fans inside with higher rated fans these fans pump 37 CFM and there are two fans.

I turned the amp on fans spinning lights working everything looking good but, then 30 min later the amp shut off again. I am not sending the amp into clipping mode. Wires hooked up fine. Been using this amp for a year now and no problems till the fan died.

I then plugged in my JL 500.1 amp and it was working for hours on end so I know my grounds are good and most likely this is the a thermal issue. This amp had thermal detectinon however it dosen't notifiy you when it goes into thermal protect mode with a light of some sort.

Any ideas on why my amp is over heating still even after replace this fans.

Thanks for any input

PS: The subs are in a sealed box. I know I should use ported but I don't have the money for a new box because I am buying a new subs and a ported box for them but, I want to see why this amp ain't working because that's not gonna happen for a few months.

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