Anyone tell me how to wire 3 DVC4 subs to .667ohm?

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I've been told by multiple people i can wire 3 DVC4 subs to 2/3ohm but the only diagram i can find is the RF one for 2.667 ohms.

Anyone have a diagram or tell me how to hook them up for .667?

Here is the RF one for 2.667


I hope to god you have an amp that can handle that load. Just be advised you will be pushing around .3 Ohms when you hit a base note. That amp is going to be pushing for all its worth.

Realistically he will be pushing about 1ohm. If you have a 1ohm stable amp, you won't have a problem.

Read this thread and see what Dan Wiggins has to say:

I am not trying to disagree with you, so I did what he said and wanted to test his tread. Well he said I should see 1.3 to 1.5 the DV resistance. Well I mesured mine and I did get a NEG drop in my resistance. I am still trying to figure out his post, but I am not an electirc engineer, but I have put about 3,000 systems together. I will do more research into this, and see what I find out. I do not doubt him, but I am confused now.

Basically what he said is impedance is frequency dependant. It is not resistance though it is measured in ohms. Impedance is the resistance to AC and incorporates DC resistance, inductance and capacitance. The later two vary with frequency. Look at the spec sheet for any DIY driver. It will show an impedance curve along with the frequency response plot. It shows a large spike in the impedance around resonance that is several times the nominal impedance. With subs you are generally using them within the frequency range around this hump and do not get the nominal impedance. Basically, the more the speaker moves (resonance) the higher the impedance. For this reason, ported boxes have their min impedance right at tuning (min cone movement) and have large spikes on either side.

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