anyone from lexington kentucky?


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Oct 6, 2004
Clear Sound Car Audio

theres a car show there on the 10th of july and im going to compete with my new 12" and i was wondering if anyone knew were it was....

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Feb 12, 2022
Ah yes... Those were the days. I helped establish that shop. I was head installer/fabricator and main manager. I single handedly built that website as well as coordinated that MECA event. We opened in early 2000 at Versailles rd. location and then Floyd Dr. We sold off ownership in early 2006 (because I left in late 2005 and I was the main operation). We even had our own subwoofer line built by Arc Audio at the time when they were still a brand new company.

We were the areas authorized dealer for Arc Audio, Mmats, Clif Designs, Kinetik and Powerbass

Why do I feel like nikosbuddy had a single RE 12 with a red basket?

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