Anroid Auto and Kenwood DNX997XR Navigation problems

STIEJ19 Newbie

For month's I've been dealing issues with Android Auto and my Kenwood DNX997XR Navigation system. The screen seems to suddenly refuse to function and appears as if someone is hitting buttons and the screen constantly. This occurs even if Android Auto is not connected, even after doing a factor reset on the stereo, re-pairing my phone and stereo, both in wireless and wired Android Auto modes. Below are 2 videos I took of this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

noveske Newbie
Central PA
Has the screen been sprayed with a cleaner?
I was gonna say the same thing. Possible water damage. Even enough condensation could do it.

Do the physical buttons work while it's acting up?

Another thing that causes capacitive screens to act up like is stuff on the screen. Try cleaning it with a alcohol pad. Any moisture, oils or grease on the screen could register as a touch.
If that's not it, could be loose connection or bad digitizer. Sometimes a ground issue could cause it. Tape inside fell off. Might have to open it to check the screen connection.

Hope there's a warranty.

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Maple Ridge, BC
We have touch screen registers at work
Crumbs and whatever else you can imagine from fast food places gets stuck in the trim around the edge and they start to act like they are possessed
I have to take the trim bezels off once a week and clean under them to prevent it from happening

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