Amplifier turns off at high volume

Danielmccusky Newbie
May 20, 2022
Hello. I recently installed a new head unit, amplifier, and two 12 inch subs in my car. Everything works properly, but when I turn the volume high and the bass hits hard, the amplifier will go into protect mode. The amplifier is rated at 650 watts RMS (@2ohms). I have two 4ohm subs wired to two ohms (each 300 watts RMS). I’m wondering what could be causing the amp to go into protect mode. Based on my research I suspect it could be a voltage drop. I don’t have a volt meter and should just go get one to test it, but thought I’d post and see if anyone has any other thoughts. My other thought is that the amp is just a cheap amp and should be upgraded (it’s a cheap Walmart power acoustik). The subs are infinity primos’. It’s not a particularly high draw system which makes me wonder if the voltage drop isn’t the issue. Thanks in advance for any responses.


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Oct 21, 2007
Low voltage cutout could be the reason, but it is unlikely for such low power. Make sure all your connections are solid.


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Aug 28, 2018
Make sure the bass boost is at zero on the amp. Them make sure the sub level is at the max on the HU. Make sure the loudness is turned off on the HU. Turn the gain down a tad (⅛") and then bass on.

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