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i just got a few alpine products and now i need to know what amp i need to get for my subs...this is what i got:

Alpine CDA-9807

Alpine MRV-F340 (for mids and highs)

two Alpine SWS-1241D dual voice coil (4ohm+4ohm)

my subs are in need of an amp....i wanna get another alpine amp but i cant decide which one...i think i have it narrowed down to the Alpine MRP-M350 or the Alpine MRD-M500....which would be best???

out of those 2 amps, the MRD-M500 will fit you better. i don't suggest you go with either. Your subs can be wired to 1 ohm or 4 ohm, which means you wont get full power out of either amp because it will have to be run at 4 ohms. if you really want to stay with alpine, you will have to use a amp with more output at 4 ohms. if i were you, i would just go with a different brand amp. if you want the whole alpine scheme going, you could always just hide the amp underneath a seat or something.

i see what youre saying...youre not the first one to tell me....right now i'm going to a friends house who already has an Alpine MRP-M350....if it sounds good then i'll get that amp which i can get for $130...or the more powerful Alpine MRD-500...if they dont them i'm sellin my subs....would it help if i had the Alpine SWS-1241 subs which are 4ohm non-dual voice coil.....what about the Alpine SWR-1221D which are dual voice coil 2ohm+2ohm?

If you had the dual 2 ohm voice coils then you could run 2 of them to get a 2 ohm load. That would work well with the Alpine amps. Seriously though, unless you can get an even trade on the subs you have now, you will be losing money for no good reason.

You don't have to have all Alpine products. I personally don't have anything that is the same in my car. Concept components, Pioneer Deck, Zapco amp, American Bass amp, Kenwood 6x9's and Resonant Engineering subs.

i got my sws-1241d on the internet for about $70. i already have a buyer on them at my school for $150. so i'll make money. i can deal with that. i wouldnt have even had this problem if the losers at best buy hadnt lied to me about everything. another question i have is about the alpine head units. do they put out enough power...the guy at memphis car audio told me that they arent strong enough to get the most out of my this true...mine has three 4 volt outputs (two for speakers and one for subs)

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