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Hi all,

I have an Alpine V-power MRP-M350 class-D Mono amplifier and wanted to know the following:

Can I hook up 2 10" Type-R subs to it? Will it handle it? Or will I be way under-powering the subs and overworking the amp? Oh by the way, the subs are the (4ohm + 4ohm) type.

The reason I ask is because I already have 1 of the subs and the amp working very nice and wanted to upgrade to 2 10s instead for a relatively cheap upgrade (just the price of a new sub and box).

As a side note, I have an older JL 10" W1 sub, and a PPI entry level 10" sub. can I mix and match especially with that mono-amp or is it simply asking for trouble and is a bad idea?

What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance


Well that amp is 2 ohm stable. Since you have DVC 4 ohm subs, you can wire them to a 2 or an 8 ohm load. If you added a 2nd sub, that was dvc 4 ohms then you could get 1 or 4 ohm final mono load. IF you ran that amp at 1 ohm, it would probably break and if you ran it at 4 ohms, you would only get 1/2 the power from the amp.

As for mixing and matching subs, I don't recommend it. Plus you will still have the problems with that amp only being stable to 2 ohms.

what does that mean? can I or can't I add a second Type_R sub to my system?

If I run the amp at 4 ohm, will I be getting enough power to power up those Type-R puppies?

oh and by the way, how do I do that?

Thanks again


you can add a second type r but you will be sending about 100wrms to each sub with a 4ohm load. The subs could use a lot more power than that.

I would probably upgrade the amp in your case or just stick to the one sub.

if you want the 2 sub setup get an amp that's 1ohm stable and you'll be fine.

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