Alarm/remote start install help!

Gsdateg Newbie
Sep 11, 2021
So I just bought a new daily driver and it came with an alarm/remote start that I would love to put in before winter. The car is a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS with a manual transmission (no factory alarm) and the alarm is a Viper 5706v. It came with a few extras too the guy said I would need to install it. Some sort of key bypass (dei 556u) and a battery back-up (dei 520t). It also came with a glass break sensor (dei 506t) and a 2 smaller piezo sirens.

Well I went to the local audio shop and to hook everything up they quoted me like half of what I paid for the car! Lol So I would like to try and install this myself. I'm pretty confused to be honest. Lol Mostly on what wires I need to be using from the alarms harnesses. Like I've found most the wires in my car already at the ignition and above the fuse box that I will need to use. I'm mostly confused on which wires from the alarms harnesses I need to be hooking up and which ones can I de-pin. I know alot of the wires won't be used so if someone could help me with which wires I could just depin and get rid of all together that would help a ton. That way I can focus on what I actually need to be hooking up and start from there. I attached a couple pics of the alarm wiring diagram and my cars wiring diagram. Thanks for any help in advance!


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