Drew2006gt Newbie
I'm usually designing slot ports and for only one sub. I have decided to go to 2 subs now and in my car space is limited so I'm attempting to learn how to design aeroport box. Car is a 2006 eclipse. Subs are 2 12 inch dc audio level 3s. Amp is 2000 watt sundown for now. Wired to 1 ohm. The box is 3.66 gross cu.ft. can anyone help me out with port size and length? I'll upload what I got so far. Just seems weird to me and I don't feel like messing up brand new subs. Thanks in advance. Or if anyone is up to it and wants to desing a box my available space is 30X20X14. Screenshot_20230317_185850_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20230317_185838_Chrome.jpg