8" w7 or 12" shiva

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What you guys think is better? an 8 w7 or a 12 shiva. i mean for its price. i'm lookin for SQ. not big deal how loud it gets. I'm runnin a 250/1 with my 8, and i dunno what is a good amp for adire stuff, so any input be nice.

I'd say that the 8 will sound better. The shiva and w7 are a different breed of subwoofer. The W7 is JL Audio's best woofer whereas the shiva is Adire's lower end 12" woofer.

As for SPL, I have no clue. A 12" has so much more area, but I have yet to hear a shiva or an 8w7 so I couldn't tell.

I bet they would be kinda close.

well, i haven't ever heard a shiva, and i dont' know anywhere they are sold so i can hear em first. I konw a shiva costs 125$ and a 8inw7 cost aobut 300 for me. i just don't know how much power i need to run to the shiva nad what kinda amp would be good for it. again, any input would be nice.

jl 8w7


xmax: 19mm

area: 245.16 sq cm or 38.0 sq in.

efficeieny: 82.7db

adire 12" shiva

fs: 21Hz

xmax: 16.6mm

area: 481 sq cm or 74.56 sq in.

efficieny: 87.3db

its really a toss up, the 8w7 is probably twice as much as a shiva but for an 8 vs a 12 it will probably hold its own. The 8 should sound tighter and have better sq imo, but the shiva would hit lower and have a little more spl.

as far as power handling, the 8w7 optimum power rating is 300 watts rms.

The 12" shiva has a thermal power rating of 600 watts rms but ~ 300 should be sufficient to achieve close to max output depending on your enclosure.

What brand do you suggest for amp? sorry i'm kinda new to car audio. i actually am just starting to learn alot about it. Anyways, lets say i get a 300 watt rms amp for a 12" shiva, and i have my original setup (250-8inw7). the shiva with amp and wiring and tax and all the stuff costs about 500 i'd say, and my 8w7 cost 800 when i got it. which you think is a better deal. oh and btw, i know somoene willin to buy my 8w7 for the same price i bought it. i'm pretty sure i got a **** good deal on that sub too.

$800 for just the sub or whole system? If it's for the sub, you got ripped big time.

I would stick with the 8". Just not your ordinary speaker. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/wink.gif.608e3ea05f1a9f98611af0861652f8fb.gif

GSteg: It was 800 for amp, tax, wires, sub, box. everything. I think a shiva would cost 500 with everything including amp tax wires etc.

If i sell it, i'll recieve 800 dollars for everything. i'll give the buyer all my stuff and probably even gonna install it for him cause i like installin stuff.

Anyways, what would be a good amp for this sub? and also more input on whether or not to sell would be good. hopefully people who have ehard both a shiva and an 8 w7

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