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I have an Audison 4.500 running my 6.5’s n tweeters. Am looking to replace speakers front and rear that I’m currently running. I’ve sound deadened the doors, used speaker rings and foam “tubes” behind speakers w baffles and separate crossovers aside from the amplifier’s. My issue is the resilient sound speakers (running at 4 ohm) sound harsh. I don’t want to spend $300+ a pair but want sound really good sound quality if possible. I’ve been to car audio shops and i have just run into guys just wanting to make a sale (i get that’s their job) but have already regretted a purchase and don’t want to repeat. Are there speakers that will give me sound quality and midbass n can handle the amp (130x4 @4ohm) I’m running a Alpine sa60m to an American Bass 12” for subwoofer set up but have a Precision Power ice 5000.1 that I’m going to run in place of the Alpine after upgrading alternator and wiring. Probably run the amp at 4ohms at 1200 to a pair of tens because i prefer sound quality over spl. Any suggestions on the 6.5’s would be greatly appreciated and any input into the subwoofers would be a bonus. Sorry for the novel and thank you in advance. Was hoping to find 6.5 components $150 a pair, less would be great and figured the subs will be around $200 apiece. I was hoping buying the Audison would give me clean, loud sound.
Here's a few DEALS:

Diamond audio
CDT audio
Focal Auditor

Here they are for $99
It's amazon, so you could buy these, play the hell out of em for a week, and if they aren't what you like, then send em back.

Those Memphis SRXP62C
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I have a set of Critical Mass 6.5 components ..i dont know if ive heard anything that sounds cleaner


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In my search for ”smooth” at volume, I ended at the Morel Tempo series. I’ve been using the Tempo Ultra II 692 for a year now, and I love them. I’ve had Focal Flax 6.5”, found them harsh with the Mg tweeters. Hertz 6.5” were hard to listen to as well at full volume. YMMV.
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