2 Alpine Type-Rs, Audiobahn A8000T,

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I've decided to put some subs in my car and obviously an Amp.

I decided on the Alpine Type-Rs. mostly based on what I've read in this forum, and advice from some friends.

I was planning to go with 2 12" type-Rs.

Audiobahn A8000T amp.

I got a saab 9000, I take it that these subs are really gona pound my car. Most of the time I'm really looking for SQ, but sometimes impressing my friends is good.

Is this system overkill? I like it loud, but I'm not gona constantly drive around with my car shaking like mad. Would it be smart to go with the 10" subs instead?

Also if I go with the A8000T should I go with the Type-R 2ohm dual voice coil? or the 4 ohm dual voice coil?


type-rs have good sq really imo its more of an sq sub i have 2 10's btw you might wanna get 12's if u wanna pound wish i did but they sound nice, give them at least 300rms, and what load you put them at is up to you if u can get an amp that will give at least 300rms at 4ohms y not then i hear higher the ohm load usually sounds better vs a lower ohm load but i think 2ohm will be easier/cheaper to give power to unless u wanna run in bridged in mono

I've got 2 12" type R's in my saab 9000 running off of an Alphasonik PMA-2500 amp (1600 watts Rms, but I turned the gain down). My car will get loud, but is more of an sq setup than spl. I would definitely reccomend the type R subs to anyone who wants something that will sound good.

Thanks for the advice guys, I actually think, I may end up going with the 10" Type-Rs. I was also wondering if it would be better to go with a hifonics amp or another Type D amp? the Audiobahn is type A/B. Type D is more efficient right?

The Hifonics Amps I was looking at are the

BX 500D and the BX 1000D

and the Type-Rs would be 2ohm DVCs

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