15 Magnum D2 Prototype, I got it

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Well i happen to get my hands on the prototype 15 Magnum D2. The sub rocks. We put it in a 4 cube box, tuned to 28 htz, and the sq was awesome. First we powered it with an Orion 1200D, then a 2500D. It took the 1200D all day long no problems, and did very well with the 2500D. It would get hot after a few minutes of torture, so we didnt do too much testing with the 2500D. With the 1200, it hit 147.6 center dash with an audio control mic. Remember, this is no box testing, no nothing, just the very first box we built for this sub. IMO, it is not as loud as a 15H2, but the sq is definately awesome for a 15. Im sure with more testing we can squeeze more DB out of this sub.

Final analysis is that this sub is awesome for the money. It is everything it is cracked up to be.

Why did i post this thread? Im still trying to figure that out. Hopefully you guys can shed some light on the subject.

Have you tried out the 12? I'm super happy with my 12 but I wouldn't mind trying out a 15 too. Unfortunately I can't afford both, any suggestions?

ported tuned to 28 htz. I actually didnt do any spl testing with the 2500d because the dust cap was getting hot, and i didnt want to blow the sub, being its a prototype and all. It didnt distort one bit or give any signs of driver failure, but i was just trying to be safe. By ear though, i would definately say it around 150. And no i have not tried out the 12. I dont like 12s :thumbsup

^^^ maybe... but scotts over at SiN got a 150.8 on a Termlab a few days ago with his 12 D2 in a 12cf box and something around 1400w. who knows... D2's are impressing me daily.

I still haven't decided on getting the 12'' or the 15''. Could someone please lead me in the right direction. I listen to everything from Josh Groban to Eminem to Blink 182 just everything but more slow R&B and slow rap. Money is not an issue, nor is space. I love SQ and definitely will seal this sub. I would also like to beat the **** out of my friends 2 RF hx2 12''. But that isn't a main priority. Also, do you have any pics of the 15''? I know there are some at SI forum but just wondering if you have some new ones thnx.

147.6 tuned to 28 Hz....not to doubt you but i dunno man
Dude i was just as shocked as you, thats why i cant wait to mess around more and tune it higher. The low tuning shouldnt really be that big a surprise though, i mean im hittin mid 150s with a single H2 15 tuned to 30htz

It's a good thing you pulled the plug with the 2500. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif When the dust cap gets hot, the coil is REALLY hot. Paper doesn't conduct heat very well (as compared to aluminum), so just imagine how hot the coil was. :p

I'm glad you like it. I'll be giving you a call tomorrow around lunch time.

And for the people who doubt Mag's, just go to a competition with someone who has one. That's all that's really needed. Scott, Dustin, Loyd, Hollis, Kevin, and a bunch of other people have already proved themselves in the lanes. Hollis's 152's daily were awesome - riding around in a completely stock vehicle that does 151's on a bad day is really cool...with ear protection that is. //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/wink.gif.608e3ea05f1a9f98611af0861652f8fb.gif

The magnums are by Stereo Integrity. Yea the 15 definately is an spl monster, but i like it alot because it sounds good as it gets loud. You can make anything loud, but to have it sound great in the process is the key. Makes a perfect daily driver. Personally i like the mags better than RE. Youll have people disagree, but its all personal preference.

Gosh, I wish I could find the post but I end up visiting so many message boards that they all get blurred together. Anyway, it was pretty much decided that 15's will get louder and lower and maintain the same quality as a 12 or 10 as long as you've got enough space and power.

You can find info at stereointegrity.com

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