120 amp alt good enough for 1500 visonik and 12" mag d2??

well i havent bought one yet. I dont have a lot of cash and im definately gonna need to beef up my alt (i got dimmage). Maybe I'll go closer to 150 to be safe. Thanks for your help though!

Make sure you get battery cap's, id say a 2farad would do the job well, each farad=1000w. They will help out alot, especially with the well known "light dimming" problem at night

Nope. Someone said they were bad way back in the day, so now everyone flames them no matter what. I personally do not know enough about them to recommend yes/no using them. However, I feel that there might actually be times where they are worthwhile, but that is strictly an opinion based on zero facts. They do look neat when installed well.


back to the topic.....

I have a 115 amp alt right now, and it doesnt put out enough to run everything LOUD in my truck. I can run at a little over half volume and when the bass hits hard i get voltage drop. But alas i have to wait till i get enough money together to buy a HO alternator.

I have a JBL 1200.1 as a sub amp and 2 12's. see sig..

I am not gonna get a Cap either, but that is my .02

I'm not sure how many amps my amp draws but it has 3 40A fuses on the back, so i recon max current draw 110 - 120
That JBL 1200.1 is a power hog.

I hooked my friend's up to my system since he insisted his amp would make my system louder than my Hifonics did/does. Man, my car looked like it was gonna shut off,lol. ALL my lights looked like I was flipping a light switch on and off every time the bass hit.

If you read my sig, BOTH of those amps don't draw anywhere near what that one JBL 1200.1 did. My conclusion is based off of the fact that my lights BARELY dim now, I mean BARELY. I have to see my lights reflection on the back of other cars to tell their slightly dimming. But the JBL seemed to almost cut my car off,lol //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif

It's just a power-hog.

lol i didnt know that it was that big of a hog, jeez. Nice to know. but lucky for me im getting a dual output 190 amp alt and a secondary (yellow top) battery. But till now i just have to run it at half volume, which is still loud, but ya know...

How many amps is your alternator?

yeah i would look into investing into new amps. i sold my jbl 1200 in 1 day. and picked up a viper 1200d. lights dont dim as much now and i have more and way better features. and who cares if ur voltage drops and u get dimmage, turn that shiet up!!

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